Forest Paradise

V.8:: Something squiggly


We're sorry, FP's on a hiatus. I'm busy with school and homework. Going to movies with friends or just hanging out. I'm rarely playing Petz anymore, Sims 2 is very addicting right now. I'll change layouts and you can still adopt. I just wont update. The next layout will be about my greatest love ever. No it's not a person, it's my gerbils! So, all hail Beebee and Kiki for their cuddly, squishy, cutie and sweetieness!

xxxXxxx Amber

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The Comeback!

My comeback (my site's comeback, APP now FP)!! Forest Paradise, it's a other 'version' of APP! For those who don't know what the heck APP is, it's: Amber's Petz Paradise, I quit, the layout wouldn't work and I couldn't update much etc. Anyway, Forest Paradise replaced it and it'll stay that way (I hope)!

Browse through the pages and most importantly; have fun!

So, have fun, Amber

Our mascot!!

Leaves says: " You know stealing is wrong, if you do it you'll realize. All I do is warn you.

i'm in gryffindor!


Like with APP, I have an update shoutbox (in which you now WONT post)

Some rules (for the Cbox) of course:

  • No swearing!
  • No making fun of each other!
  • No advertising for a non-petz site please
  • And no imbarissing others!

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